Huge Aoudad Ram!



WE started stalking a herd of Aoudad early in the morning. without getting a shot off. then we counted about 60- or so aoudad on a sendero with two huge males in the back. Again we were not given a shot. after lunch and see several small herds of 15  to twenty we decided to loom in the watering hole. Where we enjoyed a beaver making a den. when we saw several hogs with a tremendous boar we said maybe if he gives us a shot. when we came to the crossroad we saw one exceptionl ram  and spoted this huge ram behind it about 150 yards. as they walked off in the brush we had a clear shot with t

he 300  mag


Predator Down!




Several times per year i take hunters to shot predators calling them . especially when i have exotic Kids and Lambs on the ground. I have spotted several tom bobcats in the fields sometimes the hunters miss and sometimes that make their mark.. This Tom was shot with a .204 ruger at 230 yards.

Culling Elks Cows





Every year we have to cull the ranch. we usually have doe and elk cow hunt. This Elk Cow was taken with a a long stalk and shot about 175 yards in the brush. it was an experience since we saw  plenty of trophy aoudads and red sheep everywhere but the does never came out. 15578947_2009062712653972_6572076312628020426_n

Great Catalina Billy


This hunt was a special hunt a young man had won a raffle for a Catalina Billy. This hunt was fantastic since the Fernando  of 8 years old was shooting a 22 hornet. He stalked the Billy for about three hours in the South Texas Brush where many would have given up this little hunter went forth…..Catalina of  30/3/4 inches Gold Medal Billy

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scimitar hunt



Excellent Orxy cow measured 38inches… was a great shot made by our visiting hunter….