Huge Aoudad Ram!



WE started stalking a herd of Aoudad early in the morning. without getting a shot off. then we counted about 60- or so aoudad on a sendero with two huge males in the back. Again we were not given a shot. after lunch and see several small herds of 15  to twenty we decided to loom in the watering hole. Where we enjoyed a beaver making a den. when we saw several hogs with a tremendous boar we said maybe if he gives us a shot. when we came to the crossroad we saw one exceptionl ram  and spoted this huge ram behind it about 150 yards. as they walked off in the brush we had a clear shot with t

he 300  mag


Predator Down!




Several times per year i take hunters to shot predators calling them . especially when i have exotic Kids and Lambs on the ground. I have spotted several tom bobcats in the fields sometimes the hunters miss and sometimes that make their mark.. This Tom was shot with a .204 ruger at 230 yards.